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Build Rehabilitation Industries is affectionately known as the organization “with a heart,” by many local business people, care providers, regional center counselors and members of the developmentally disabled adult population. Positive remarks, such as these, result from the immense reputation Build has developed for being dedicated to the relentless pursuit of greater independence, capability, and vocational skill for each individual served.

Established in 1967, as a non profit organization, Build Rehabilitation has served countless individuals with disabilities and other barriers. Over the past four decades, more than 8000 adults with disabilities have been set on the path to greater independence and a better way of life through participation in the various programs Build has developed to meet the needs of developmentally disabled adults.

Consumers enrolled in the BRI Work Activity Program gain vocational skill and a strong work ethic, while earning a paycheck.

The BRI Supported Employment Program assists clients in acquiring employment in the community through job development , and once employment is obtained the SEP program will provide a job coach to ensure job retention.

The BRI Independent Living Skills Program is designed to assist consumers in developing the necessary skills for independent living through financial counseling, cooking instruction, travel training, independent living placements, etc.

For clients with behavioral challenges, which hinder their social and vocational development, the BRI Options Behavior Day Program is designed to provide an environment where developmentally disabled adults are given the opportunity to reverse their negative behavior patterns and engage in closely supervised social and vocational skill development.

In addition to the services provided to developmentally disabled adults, BRI also serves many local businesses by providing high quality contract packaging. Local manufacturers can take pride in knowing their projects will be completed quickly and accurately, but also that they are assisting disabled American workers in developing vocational skill.

Each Build employee is genuinely dedicated to the following mission statement:

Our primary purpose shall be to assist individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment in achieving their highest potential by providing a variety of rehabilitation and employment services to enhance their quality of life, independence and vocational growth.

The California Department of Developmental Services can be reached at (916) 654 1690



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